Tuesday, July 23, 2013

God Bless America...

     (murmuring) And the photographer who graciously used their talent to take that photo so it could be shared with myself and all the other sexual deviants like me...
      Annnnnd back to the subject matter at hand. No, no, eyes up front! Stay focused! I'm attempting to make this as short as possible so you lovely people can do me the honor of purchasing and enjoying my newest tale. I have to be honest here, this one was a bit of struggle; slightly out of my comfort zone even. Particularly because these two characters managed to break my heart and mend it all over again through every chapter.
      Coming from a family full of Marines and Navy men, I know first hand the struggles of being a soldier. Or better yet, being the spouse of a soldier, the father of a soldier, the mother, brother etc. It is, by no means an easy ride. And well, I found myself trying to find humor in something that could be devastating.
      Not all military stories have happy endings. Not all men and women get to come home whole. It took me a while before I was able to place the beat of my own drum against the base of Zuly and Fitz's; before I was able to truly appreciate what my own characters were teaching me. Love knows no bounds.  If I didn't realize that before, I suddenly took time enough to wipe my tears and evaluate that very thing after they were done with me. A SEAL's Heart is close to MY heart and I hope that it becomes close to your own.


       Fitz let her go, shaking his head. “I’m not doing this with you.” He picked
up his cane and started around her.
      “Yeah, that’s right,” she mocked with a glibness she didn’t really feel.
      “Walk right past Zuly because she’s your favorite toy. Because she’ll always be
there for you to fall back on. Because you don’t really give a fuck how she feels.
       Because you’ll never love her the way she loves you...”
       Zuly could sense the moment it happened; the moment she pushed too
       He stopped in his tracks, shoulders tense as his cane once again hit the
ground, fists clenching at his sides. Fitz turned slowly and grabbed her to him
with a quickness that took the breath from her lungs. She had a second to
search his face. “Fitz?”
      Staring down at her, shadows playing against his features, Fitzgerald
Donahue Carrigan leaned in and kissed her. It wasn’t light. It wasn’t sweet. It
wasn’t romantic. There was a deliberate roughness in the way he pressed his
mouth to her own; in the way he pried her lips apart with his tongue and swept
it inside.
      Zuly’s hands fisted in his shirt once again then went lax as she melted
against him, his arms caging around her as he pulled her body just that much
closer. One huge hand let go of her biceps to reach up and run through her
hair, gripping the strands firmly and pulling her head back for his assault as
he nipped her lips, sucking the bottom rim into his mouth then releasing it
with a wet pop. The slight sting at her scalp failed to even register as he licked
and nibbled his way up the side of her neck, gently gripped where her pulse
hammered between his teeth. His other hand swept down her back and to her
ass, squeezing in a firm caress that had Zuly panting with the exertion it took
not to fall at his feet.
      He kissed her like he owned her. Like he knew every secret valley and
plane her body possessed. Like she’d been fantasizing about from the time she
had her first self-produced orgasm while calling his name. Like he’d been
waiting to do this for years. Fitz kissed her like she was his. And Zuly would
acknowledge that, in this moment, she very much was. That right now she
could never imagine the feel of another’s touch.
     Then suddenly he stopped and she whimpered.
     Pressing the same mouth that had stolen her ability to process what just
happened to her ear, he whispered, “I love you more than you’ll ever be able to
grasp. So much so that it’s almost biblical in its proportions. So much so that
it could make God jealous. I smile for you. I laugh for you. I breathe for you.
You hold me in the palm of your hand, Zuly. And there is no place else I’d
rather be. But you need to go back. Now.” Fitz gently but firmly pushed her
away from him and walked away.
     This time, she let him.

A SEAL's Heart is now available at: http://www.sharaazod.com/ebook/seals-heart.html By all means, help yourself!!! 

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  1. Ok Nikki, this is now on my TBR list. I loved this blurb! Now I want to know the story that got them to this place... Fitz and Zury. If the book is anything like the snippet, girl you have knocked it out of the park! Great job Nikki! I'll look forward to reading it.

    Great blog post too.