Monday, September 26, 2011

Wolfwitch by Shirelle Higgins

I’m not normal…Okay wait, that came out wrong. Or did it? Because really I’m NOT normal but I think we established that a long time ago didn’t we folks? What is the point of me repeating it? Oh well since I’m not normal I don’t like normal books. No I like my stories EXTRAORDINARY. I like it when an author takes something and RUNS with it. When was the last time you read something like that? Oh I’ll tell you when. EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU READ A BTP BOOK. (Yeah I said it) So you know where I’m going with this don’t you? If you’re a slow learner let me spell it out. Wolfwitch by Shirelle Higgins. Oh yes my friends this book is far from normal but so damn good that it’ll make you pause and change your whole reading spectrum.
Well Nikki what was so good about it? I shall tell you. We have an age old fight here folks. The Vamps vs. Werewolves. Did I get your attention? Good now sit there while I get deeper into this tale. When Bobbie finds herself used like a chew toy for a rogue werewolf it lands her smack dab in the middle of the paranormal community. The problem? She CAN’T shift like the rest of her pack and the only thing that’s stopping them from killing her is the fact that she was “destined” to be mated to the head Alpha. Since the Alpha is also an EXTREME asshole this proves to be an issue also. Every full moon Bobbie is reminded of the fact that she’s a freak among what has been deemed “normal” and every day she lives under the abusive rule of the asshole Alpha.
Now to cap off her lovely existence she has some crazy—but severely gorgeous—Vampire trying to use her in a hostage exchange for something called a “Wolfwitch.” If her life wasn’t already a string of unfortunate events she’d ask how she managed to get herself into this situation.
James thought his goal was a simple one. Take that asshole Alpha’s mate and use her as a bargaining chip to get the “Wolfwitch”—a rare once in a generation breed of shifter who holds the fate of were-kind in her hands. What James doesn’t know is Bobbie is not only fed up with being used by everyone but she’s also said “Wolfwitch.”
Exactly what happens next when these two learn that little tidbit? Tsk, tsk my friends you shall have to go get the book to find out. It’s a bumpy ride but it’s also a damn good one.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Windows by Billy London

Gangsters. Exactly what does this word make you think of? The Godfather? Goodfellas? The Sapranos? (wince) I shouldn’t have mentioned that one, especially after the “incident.” What about Scarface, huh? Does it inspire thoughts of the Tommy gun or cinderblocks? Maybe it makes you wanna go “I’ll have you sleeping with the fishes” in a really, REALLY bad Italian accent. Um…by the way I can’t be the only one who does that right? I’m just saying everybody has a moment where…Okay nevermind. I’m trying to make a point here. When I used to think of gangsters, ROMANCE never once crossed my mind afterwards. Not until Billy London or as I enjoy calling her—Billy oh Billy my Londonite friend. (GRIN)
I’ve read HUNDREDS of romances. Everything from old school historical to supernatural to your everyday story but folks I have NEVER read anything with gangsters and when I finally broke into the world of clean up calls and making people disappear without a trace…well I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. This book was some of everything that I love in a story; comedy, great dialogue, hot loving, and GREAT romance. (Sigh) Gina and Nick make you pause and think about what love is, what it truly means to give and receive from a special bond between two people. I sound like a big mush head but I don’t care this story will do it to ANYBODY. Alright enough of my blubbering, perhaps I should tell you a little about it then.
Best friends for ten years, Nick and Gina were moving around that very precarious line. (The one where you love you best friend as more than a best friend but you can’t tell them because you’re scared as hell that it’ll ruin what you already have. Yeah that line.) That line and a lot of other lines get crossed and crossed again when Nick finds out that instead of coming to him for help Gina tries to get out of debt but ends up in another very precarious situation. (The one where you borrow money from a bunch of thugs to pay some bills because you really need to then you find yourself unable to pay said money back and said thugs aren’t too pleased about that considering they want said money back and quickly. Yeah that situation.)
Gina doesn’t think Nick could do anything to help to begin with but how wrong she is. See the Da Cavaneze name has far more power than she believes, ties stronger than she knows and a love for her the runs deeper than she realizes. When Nick is finally able to show her exactly what he feels and tell her how long he’s wanted to make her his everything seemed to be going down the perfect path until his mother reveals EXACTLY what the family name means to Gina.
In this tale of ups and downs along with sporadic funnies and whispered sweet nothings you see a friendship grow into something far more, something that many long for and only a select few get; a soul mate. When Billy wrote this there was EMOTION behind it. They weren’t just words, there was a deeper MEANING. What would you do for love? How far would you go to protect those you love? And how hard could you love someone even if they weren’t who you thought they were?
If you haven’t read windows then you need to because SERIOUSLY IT’S JUST THAT DAMN GOOD. Why the hell are you still here? GO GET THE BOOK!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walk Softly and Carry A Big Lick by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Okay so I have no time to tease ya’ll on this one because honestly it was so good I’m bouncing around just writing the review for it. So here we go. Who doesn’t hate being stuck next to an asshole at the most inopportune time? Who doesn’t hate being stuck next to and asshole period? If you’ve never stopped to consider this than my friend you are probably THE asshole that everybody hates being stuck next to. HEY HEY HEY don’t get upset with me! It’s the truth! Don’t believe me?
Fine, I have a question. Has anyone ever decided that they hated you so much their only option was to commit murder or get the hell off the plane in a layover? Oh, I see. This HAS happened to you. Then SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN SO YOU CAN SEE THE REST! Now where was I? Eshe Nada was on a few missions. One, she needed to stop her twin sister from committing a good ole fashioned “murder-death-kill.” Two, she needed to stop HERSELF from committing a good ole fashioned “murder-death-kill.” And three, she needed to get to Brazil so she could watch her best friend marry the man of their dreams.
And when the plane finally touched ground and she was able to cuss THE asshole that her sister abandoned her to be with, the last thing Eshe expected was one of the most panty dropping-make you wanna scream just ‘cause he’s that fine-“I’ll fulfill every dream you ever had and make you realize that you have some more unfulfilled dreams”-alpha male to come to her rescue. Of course once it happened she had no complaints to voice considering that EnĂ©as Roraima had to be the BEST pick up service she’d ever had in her life!
Oh Nikki tell us more! Please, please! (Sigh) I would, I REALLY would but then that’d ruin all the fun of you GETTING THE STORY FOR YOURSELF, now wouldn’t it? SO GO AND GET IT!!! GET IT!!! GET IT!!! GET IT!!! (Yes, I am pumping my fist in the air right now) You could deprive yourself of this hilarious, heartwarming, short that will have you on your side and wondering where you can find a hot Brazilian of your own OR you could get that thought outta your head and go ENJOY!

Foreplay by Marteeka Karland

Ahhhh welcome to the world of eroticism my friends. As we all know Marteeka Karland grips that side we have to keep tamed each and every time she gives us a new tale. Whether it’s solo or in a partnership the heat is brought and in her re-release of Foreplay…well she does not disappoint. Alright, alright. you don’t have to twist my arm to get me to start talking.
How many of us haven’t had that doctor fantasy? Okay now let’s double the dose of doctor in that fantasy. Yeah, intrigued aren’t you? Of course you are. Can anybody tell me what happens when Marteeka takes a pair of identical alpha male physicians and throws in a feisty secretary with a slight OCD problem?
You could if you read the story but I guess you want me to throw around a few hints huh? Okay, Lilly Miller had a penchant for pushing identical twins Connor and Caleb Jackson. Why? Simply because it was a game they played for years. What happens when the Jackson twins decide they’re done playing and want to get serious? Oh, a whole lot of fun that will leave you panting and waiting for your next trip to that extra hot doctor of yours.
So why are you still here? Go forth and get the story!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Slow Bucking By Drea Riley

Alright let me just start off my saying this. YES I AM BIASED WHEN IT COMES TO BTP STORIES and even more so when it comes to my big sisters, aunties, and etc. Why? Well because if I’m claiming ANYBODY as family then it’s obvious that they’re AWESOME. Yeah, I said it. (nods head) Anyways I had the privilege on reviewing one of my favorites by of course none other than Bigger Me. (cue applause) Alright that’s enough. Let’s get to it shall we?
Slow Bucking is—of course—apart of a challenge that went out to BTP authors. The challenge was to create a short hot read with none other than cowgirls. Yeah I know, sounds good so far right? Well it gets better my friends. In this story Regina Cloudwalker and Tyce Westbrook are both suffering from a case of “I want.” Tyce wants Regina’s prized bull and well…Regina wants Tyce’s (air quotes) “Little Tyces.” Yup, your eyes got wide on that right? It happened to me too. Regina’s proposal is a shocker to Mr. Westbrook but the very fact that he’s wanted her since the day he laid eyes on her opens the door to just the opportunity he was looking for.
So when they both lay everything on the table during this obviously indecent but very decadent proposal what happens next? (wags finger) Tsk, tsk, you actually thought I would tell you didn’t you? Oh no Mi Amigo, you gotta go get it for yourself. But I will say this much. By the end of the story you’ll be two minutes away from jumping a plane to Texas to find your very own slow bucker.