Friday, November 25, 2011

Ronni's Romanian by Nevea Lane

Look at me I'm on a roll today! Second review in....well I didn't really keep track of time considering I'm still stuffing my face. HEY IT'S THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING SO DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Now as I was saying, the next person up on my list of people to rave about happens to be Nevea Lane (or as I like to call her 'Techy' because chick is a tech genius. I'm talking Geek Squad status. Calm down that was a compliment) Now Nevea is known for her...shall we call them escapades? I think we shall since I might end up hearing a story that I don't wanna hear if I call her...escapades anything other than escapades. Anyways back to the subject at hand. Nevea's tales never disappoint and this one didn't either. I think I will deem this a modern day fairytale complete with a Knight In Shining Armor who just happens to come with a sexy Romanian accent and an instant attraction to our heroine Ronni Cadell. When Ronni's business takes a nosedive she has corporate raiders knocking at her door quicker than she can say "Coo coo cachoo" along with the corporate raiders she has a mother that just won't knock off trying to get her married off and knocked up (yeah the word play there is pretty clever eh? I like to toot my own horn from time to time.) In comes Mr. Lucian Covaci, he's tall, dark, handsome and (wait for it, wait for it) Interested in getting a piece of Ronni's business. He has every intention of doing just that until he shows up at her charity event and lays eyes on the beauty. From there he finds himself free falling and unable to stop it. Under the pretenses of taking a tour of her company, something he wins at the charity auction, Lucian goes out of his way just to get closer to Ronni. The question is will Ronni accept the sexy Romanian's advances or rebuff him after finding out what he was originally intrigued by? I wish I could answer that folks but you have to read the story and find out for yourself. I read, I find out and now I'm sitting here trying to figure out exactly what I have to do to get myself a Lucian. Maybe Techy knows some people who know some people (shrug) I shall ask. In the meantime (wait for it, wait for it)  GO GET THE DAMN BOOK.

Life in Two Parts by Janet Eckford

HIYA FOLKS!!! Yes its me again. Tired of me yet? If you are I want you to take a moment and consider that fact that I don't care if you're tired of me because I'm not tired of me and that's all that matters if that makes any sense. Yeah the word ME is really repetitive above isn't it? Okay the mildly insane ramblings of Nikki are done. Now lets examine that word repetitive shall we? There are many things we can repeat; words, actions, amazing food recipes, (I know that was random just follow me here okay?) but we can never repeat a day, hour, minute...or can we? What would you do if you got the chance to repeat a moment, just one moment that could've changed your life forever? Augusta Johnson had lived a full life, had done things and had been places that most people never got the opportunity to and she had no regrets, or so she thought. Having a Sidhe Prince on your ass constantly offering you the chance at a second life is a good way to change your perspective on things so when Augusta finally decides to take Prince Daire up on his offer to turn back the hands of time and give her just one night in his arms he jumps at the chance to show her what they've both been missing. Has Augusta gotten in over her head? Now I can't tell you people the story but I can say that you won't be disappointed. I, myself, personally happen to love Janet's (or as I like to call her 'The crazy Californian') stories. She has a way with detailing, bringing emotions to the simplest sentences that you feel like you're apart of the tale she's weaving. And lets not forget the fact that sometimes she goes where everybody else is afraid to. If you don't know what I mean by that then take yourself to her blog at and read through her Halloween extravaganza. Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart people. Besides her ability to make creepy stories EXTREMELY creepy (don't worry that's a compliment that she'll take and probably do that really scary evil laugh to. Trust me. I heard that laugh) Janet is a master at pulling you into whatever world she has created so do yourself a favor and...(oh ya'll knew this was coming) BY THE DAMN BOOK!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tear Jerker #2: One Night Forever by Marteeka Karland

The world is full of assholes people. Wait, that didn't come out right! I meant the world is full of people who ACT like assholes. Wait, I don't think that came out right either. I meant...Oh forget it! Ya'll know what I meant dammit! Anyways I know one thing Teeka is damn good at is putting at least ONE asshole in every book and making you HATE him so when something inevitably bad happens to said asshole you get to cheer and clap your hands. What? Is it just me who does that? Well she did it again but see you can't dwell on the asshole for too long after getting a look at the hero its kinda hard to focus while looking at dude's ass on the cover over here so ya'll gotta excuse me. Now as I was saying. Teeka has done it again! Much to the surprise of a quite a few she produced a story that taps your heart BEFORE it taps your panties this time. What? I'm just saying that this is rare. Teeka's known for her...shall we say um...damn I don't really think I have a word for her stories besides risky, racey, hotness. Yeah those describe her tales well enough, I think. Don't get me wrong. Teeka brings the romance with the best of them. That just usually comes a little AFTER you see the heroes and heroines tearing up the sheets like it's mating season out on the Serengeti. (I LOVE YOU TEEKA!) Anywho its time for me to let you guys in on what was so sweet about this particular short. Ariel Wilson has caught her asshole of an asshole whose a SUPREME asshole boyfriend Tom in their bed with her best friend. Outraged yet? Oh it gets worse. Ariel had been coming home to tell Tom the good news of her pregnancy. Yeah I know now is the time where you wanna find a bat and start breaking some shit right? Well Tom isn't dones being an annoyance. He decides that despite Ariel leaving and dumping him that he has to try and bully her into coming back. The way he does that? Oh he guns the engine on his asshole mobile really REALLY loud in the neighborhood Ariel's walking through to get to her sister's house. What Tom doesn't realize is he's depriving Damien Carter of sleep and well Damien ain't having that. So after scaring the little jackass off Damien--who by the way is just damn fine--introduces himself to Ariel and walks her the rest of the way to her sister's house. Ariel soon learns that the two are friends and work at the same clinic. Now down the line we get to see how Ariel's pregnancy has progressed but we also learn her fears of being a new mother and her reservations about doing it alone. Surprisingly enough she learns that she won't have to worry about either after long because Mr. Carter--you know that fine dude whose been watching her--wants her and her soon to arrive daughter. I shall leave you guys on this note, GO GET THE BOOK!!! GO GO GO GO!!! NOW!!!

Tear Jerker #1: Wynter's Blossom by Elle D. Hayes

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I can't even play around with ya'll on this one because DAMN JUST DAMN. I've been waiting MONTHS to get my hands on EDH's first novel in her The Unity Pack series and I gotta say THIS WAS AMAZING! OMG OMG OMG I fell in love with EVERY main character in this book from Pops to little bitty adorable Summer. I had my head BURIED in this story ALL DAMN DAY yesterday people. ALL DAMN DAY. Because I just couldn't stop reading. This story reminds you of why you love ROMANCE. It reminds you of why you love GOOD MEN. It reminds you of why you love BABIES and it damn sure reminds you of why you love that crazy old ornery dude you call GRANDPA. (Yah know that one with no filters and no shame? Yeah that one) This story was just (sigh) It makes you do that throughout every single chapter. Alright enough with my gushing. Time to get down to business. (Yeah I really tried to keep a serious face while saying that) Sarah Ericksson has had a hellish year. After losing her father--a well known enforcer for the werewolf community and beloved friend--Sarah's brutally attacked by a rogue werewolf and left pregnant with just herself and her younger sister Shiloh. Shiloh unlike Sarah--who is fully human-- is half human and half wolf but ALL protective of Sarah and their new addition to the family, baby Summer. Sarah hasn't had a day where she regrets her daughter but her fear for her life, Summer's, and Shiloh's is what prompts Shiloh to take the advice left by their late father and find a strong pack to ask for asylum among them, for safety. Enter Wynter Grey--otherwise known as Wyn or Alpha to the Unity Pack--after checking emails he finds the request and being the man and wolf that he is he's disturbed by the fact that Sarah's been harmed the way she has and that she doesn't feel safe. He admits the sisters and baby Summer without a second thought. The problem? When Wyn and a few of his VERY large and VERY intimidating pack enforcers--wolves with the soul job of taking care of threats to the pack--show up and Sarah's doorstep she's scared as hell. Not long after that Wyn learns that this beautifully created but emotionally damaged woman is his mate and knows he has to tread lightly. He also knows that Shiloh and Sarah both want to find their place among the pack, a pack full of nothing but males by far, so he gives Shiloh the position of the first female enforcer and asks Sarah to be his acting Alphaya under the guise of getting her comfortable as the female leader. Watching the relationship play out between these two tugs at your heart. Wyn's the type of man little girls dream of growing up and marrying in a Cinderella type way. The way he interacts with baby Summer, forming a special bond so Sarah knows that he accepts Summer and wants to love her just as much as he wants to love her Momma has to be one of the BEST parts of the book. Watching Sarah take the confidence back that she had lost, watching her take steps towards venturing out and taking charge in the pack  is something else that tugs at the heart. But watching Wyn love her so hard and so good (No I don't mean the baby making scenes get your head outta the gutter nasty) is what pulls you into the story and makes you pout when it ends. In the midst of these two you have a loveable old wolf Ellis Hargrave, also known as Pops, who enjoys dropping some deep stuff on the younger pups every now and again but is too stubborn to understand that his own mate Neenah BigRiver is right in front of his face. (I still feel pouty about that fact that I won't see his debut until a later date but since its worth the wait I can't complain too much) Then there's Chazske Nakota and his byplay with Neenah's grandaughter Leah that has you hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation. All I know folks that if you don't LOVE this story, these characters, and Elle's writing style by the time you're done, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!!!! SO GO GET THE BOOK AND FALL IN LOVE WITH LOVE LIKE I DID!!!!

At Last by Billy London

Lemme just start off the top by saying I love Billy. She's just damn adorable from that Brit accent (if you listened to blog talk then you know) to that very quirky sense of humor but in case some of ya'll didn't see past that sweet innocence that she wears so well. Yah know the one that screams "I'm goofy and its inevitable that you love me!" (Yeah that one) I need for you to know and understand that under all of that lies a FREAK!!!! (Yeah Billy's gonna get me but I couldn't help myself) Now I shall prove to you why I feel as such. Exhibit A) At Last. Oh people this book--just as all of Billy's stories--had IT. That IT that pulls you in and you CAN'T put the kindle down until the characters are done with YOU. That IT that'll have you searching for another story so you won't feel so empty over the next few days. Yeah THAT IT. Now Billy's storylines (just as all of the ones at BTP) are always tight and very enjoyable to watch unfold. This one was no different. The comedic timing, the moments where you wanna go "awwwwwww" and last but not least it had what Jayha likes to call "THE HOTNESS." By now I'm used to my peoples putting the EROTIC in these novels and doing it well but Billy shocked me ya'll. I've read all her other works from An Old Cake Tale to Put Out The Zombie but I can say that the making scenes were all amazing but not as intense (well at least not to me) as they were in this particular story. Might have something to do with the phone sex scene eh Billy? Oh now that I have your attention with that little tidbit I should tell you a bit about the story now shouldn't I? Well here it goes. Courtney Phillips has been pining away after her friend Chris for a while but what she doesn't realize--until she gets one random email--is that Chris' friend Ryan Klark has taken a notice of her. Their unconventional but very enjoyable to watch relationship starts through daily emails (that had me rolling off the bed) after Ryan decides its a good idea to thank her for a compliment that she didn't even give him directly. Soon after that the pair find themselves unable to go past a few days without talking to one another and it spirals into Skype and phone calls. As this happens the conversations get a bit...shall I say deeper? (Yes, I think deeper is a good word.) Which prompts Ryan into wanting Courtney as way more than just a buddy to listen to or look at across a webcam. Things between the two grow even more when he returns home to take an apprenticeship with a well known photographer and to get closer to Courtney. I shall not say how close but I WILL say that I needed an icepack and a fan on after reading some of those scenes people. All I know is Billy is now on my list of freaky people in the group and that's saying a lot becauase my folks at BTP are no light hitters when it comes to the sex. Anyways when you need to read something funny, sweet, and hell is hot kinda hot, At Last is where you need to look!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once and Again by Dréa Riley

Okay so we all know Nikki's biased when it comes to her Twin. (Yes I admit that) But see I wouldn't be biased if said Twin wasn't so damn good at bringing a story to life. Since I have first hand knowledge from working with her (Look Twin I'm about to plug "Talking Dirty") after our amazing work on our first duo together in our book "Talking Dirty" I know for a fact how much she puts into a story. HER ALL PEOPLE. HER ALL. I watched this work come to life for her and though at times she felt discouraged or that she couldn't get it right I and a few others were there to stick our collective foot in her ass to get her started again. I love my sister. ADORE HER but if a story she wrote sucked I'd tell her. This is soooooo not one of those times. No this time people I'm taking you deep into the mind of Drea Riley (Since I'm here mini I can do that because I know her and whatnot.) Let's get started shall we?
I love my romances. The ones that make you sigh or tear up every so often because they're just that sweet, just that heart warming. Well Drea is damn good at bringing that to the table and she more than brought it with "Once and Again." Trapped in a cosmic romance that literally crosses dimensions the love is so deep between these two, James and Antoinette have been set to repeat their lives and cross paths in many different lands, cultures, and races until their destiny to be together is fulfilled. Now folks I dunno about you but this sounds damn good. They repeat this cycle until finally they end up in present day when Antoinette--now a contractor--is hired by James to work on his old plantation home that he desperately wants renovated. The attraction is instant but delayed because neither likes the acute sense of Deja Vu they get while near the other. Sadly for them the Mississippi heat and a certain cosmic world jumping meddling old friend by the name of Beau won't let them avoid what's transpiring for long. All I have to say folks that if you want a well thought out story executed with the skill of an NY best seller's list type of author than this is the book for you. There are moments in here where Drea takes you into their souls so deep, their memories from previous lives, their underlying love for one another that you'll have to pause a minute and go "Damn that's genius." (Shrug) That's my personal opinion and yes I've admitted to be biased but I'm telling you from experience that I ain't never (Yeah it was serious enough for me to use ain't) had a story take me to the place where I want the type of love that transcends time and place, surpasses cosmic levels and makes me wanna find that special someone very soon. Do yourself a favor. GET THE DAMN