Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Garden Of Earthly Delights by Thirteen

I was supposed to do this review about a month ago but life folks…well it can interfere severely with things. Kind of the same way that cop interfered with my happiness when he gave me that ticket…grrr…But I digress. Now let’s get to “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Thirteen. Now I’d never read a book from this author because once I get stuck in a certain pattern of writers that I like that is what I typically tend to cling to but I am so glad I branched out and decided to read this. (In other words is was suggested/ demanded by the Tyrant lol either way I'm glad I did it) Thirteen’s style of writing in this story could almost be described as lyrical. The words flow so beautifully together that the scenes and settings aren’t hard to imagine at all. Should I dive right in a tell yah what happened or string you along? Hmmm…Alright alright! Calm yourself! I’ll tell you what you want to know. What happens when you’ve got a chef’s daughter whose homecoming is in a word rocky? What about when you add said chef’s protégé who seems a bit lost without his mentor? When Rosemary Davis makes her way back home after years of living on a different coast it isn’t for a good reason. Losing your mother can never be easy but losing her when you never truly had her in the first place can often make it just that much more difficult. Imagine Rosemary’s surprise when she meets her mother’s protégé Jake Crosgrove and discovers that he just doesn’t want to let her mother’s restaurant go. There’s a tenuous balance between the two people who meant the most to Chef Davis, each discovering that the other knew things about the late chef that the other didn’t. Add in a little sexual heat and well folks you get the makings of a very well put together love story. It’s an old time classic if you will. Rosemary and Jake’s chemistry is so hot and so deep that you can FEEL it. (Fans face) I FELT A LOT of it. “The Garden of Earthly Delights” Is a definite MUST READ SO GO GET IT!

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