Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Heart Shaped Hogan by RaeLynn Blue

Anybody but me just love tiny people? Mainly because when you're only average height they make you feel like a giant. Rae is one of those tiny people even though she has a big presence. Every time I got to stand next to her at the Meet and Greet, smiling was inevitable because she's so cute. Irony of ironies? Even though I stand over her by at least a foot she calls me "Little one" but it doesn't bother me considering the fact that she's one of my many big sisters and nicknames from them are more than welcome. Anyways, I said all of that to get to the point that Rae doesn't just have a big presence in person but she also has one in writing. Her style is versatile, almost chameleon like. She fits into the Scifi spectrum with ease since its one of her favorite genres. She also does paranormal well and last but not least, romance. One of her latest shorts was centered around none other than the grand Valentine's Day. In A Heart Shaped Hogan we get a glimpse of two familiar faces that you might recognize from previous tales like Lasso A Lover and Something Deeper: Cashmere Sky, Lee Stone and Tank Begaye. Lee's not your typical girl so she doesn't want the typical Valentine's Day. The regular card, candy, teddy bear just won't do. Can't say I disagree. I think everybody wants something that took some serious planning and consideration for their special day. Being that Lee and Tank have had one disastrous V-Day after another she just wants ONE that goes perfectly. What she doesn't know is Tank has all that she needs in store for her. Although this is a short, as usual Rae managed to get in a great back story, character personas that MAKE you like both Lee and Tank, and even more importantly A LOT of heat. Valentine's Day may have long passed but you can still catch the love bug with this sweet tale of two lovers who just want a day where things go right.

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