Thursday, March 15, 2012

B-Rated Valentine by Naomi Jones

And I'm BACK!!!! Hello world!!! Did you miss me? Of course you did! I mean seriously, who wouldn't? I bring joy and light wherever I go and if you happen to be someone who disagrees with that fact you can squarely kiss my ass. Now, enough about me. Time to get down to business. What business would that be you ask? REVIEWS!!! Why? Because I've been slacking on them as of late and I'm surprised my corner is still intact. To kick this party off we're gonna start with B-Rated Valentine by Naomi Jones. If you know NJ then you know she has a love for those really bad B-rated movies that premiere on Syfy every week. I dunno why but the mutilation of humans by the claws, fanged mouths and or other dangerous body parts from lab created monsters seems to really make her day. Hence the name of her first story at BTP. So I have a question. Anybody ever experience the perils of having an asshole for a spouse who you can't seem to shake and they're standing in the way of the person you're REALLY supposed to be with? I do believe we've ALL had that problem at time...or two...some of us three but I'm not judging, I'm just pointing it out. Funny thing is Naya Hamilton just so happened to have that same issue. An asshole for a boyfriend who couldn't see past his own insecurities for just a few minutes and appreciate who and what he had in a relationship. Really sad that Dagger Romero--gorgeous wolf shifter--and close friend of Naya had to step in and save the day. Dagger's always had a thing for Naya. She aroused more than his body, she captured his heart. So when Naya's little pipsqueak of a human asshole gives her an ultimatum to either choose him or her academic career and she chooses her academic career, Dagger sees this as the perfect opportunity to make all his wolfie mating dreams come true. Every thing just falls perfectly into place when with the help of Naya's older sister, Regine, he finds out his soon to be mate is taking a vacation in Regine's cabin. The only question is, can he convince Naya to be his B-Rated Valentine? This story had just the right amount of what I like to call "giggle and sigh." Its when you alternate every other page between giggling and sighing at how adorable Dagger's canine like persistence is. Add that to the fact that it's not HIS tail he's chasing and you have a recipe for some surprising heat. My recommendation? Find a corner and get to reading.

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