Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wrangling Letty by Drea Riley

I'm not even gonna make small talk here folks because I'm too busy being infactuated with the dynamic duo that is Leticia "Letty" Cloudwalker and the oh so desirable Jeramy Saldana. If you've read Slow Bucking than you got intorduced to Regina Cloudwalker's very outspoken and incredibly funny cousin and business partner, Letty. I do believe you also got to hear a little of what she and Jeramy, her and Regina's former foreman, liked to do with their spare time when the barn was empty and the mood was right. In this lovely ditty you catch up with the secret couple a few years down the line to find that Jeramy is struggling with finally accomplishing his dream to have a ranch of his own meanwhile Letty's struggling with whether or not she should take her relationship with the cowpoke any further. Being that she needs someone to take over Regina's side of their ranch since her cousin married off before getting good and pregnant and Jeramy actually NEEDS to get married to appease his crazy old ornery uncle in order to get his inheritance so he can finally afford to have a ranch, Letty does the unthinkable and proposes that they get married. Jeramy's hesistant at first because he doesn't think Letty realizes the extent of how much he truly loves her. So much so that he passed up another good woman who would've been perfect for their odd situation because he just couldn't see himself being with anyone else BUT Letty. Now Jeramy has a year to prove that he wants so much more than a business relationship with his former boss while desperately trying to achieve all his goals. Unfortunately for Jeramy he doesn't realize he's accomplishing one but failing at the other until Letty decides to teach him a little lesson on how to properly appreciate a loving wife--even if they got married for all the wrong reasons to begin with. Letty takes off leaving behind a ransom letter of her own making, fully expecting her cowboy to take a hint and come scoop her up so they can ride off into the sunset. While Jeramy fully intends to find his wife, he's not so sure they'll be riding off anywhere. Mainly because as far as he's concerned Letty may not be able to sit on a chair for a week after he tans her ass good and proper for ever doubting how much she means to him. Ranch work forgotten, Jeramy has only one goal, wrangling Letty. C'mon and take the wild ride that is Drea's prose folks. You know you wanna.

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