Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Walk Softly and Carry A Big Lick by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Okay so I have no time to tease ya’ll on this one because honestly it was so good I’m bouncing around just writing the review for it. So here we go. Who doesn’t hate being stuck next to an asshole at the most inopportune time? Who doesn’t hate being stuck next to and asshole period? If you’ve never stopped to consider this than my friend you are probably THE asshole that everybody hates being stuck next to. HEY HEY HEY don’t get upset with me! It’s the truth! Don’t believe me?
Fine, I have a question. Has anyone ever decided that they hated you so much their only option was to commit murder or get the hell off the plane in a layover? Oh, I see. This HAS happened to you. Then SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN SO YOU CAN SEE THE REST! Now where was I? Eshe Nada was on a few missions. One, she needed to stop her twin sister from committing a good ole fashioned “murder-death-kill.” Two, she needed to stop HERSELF from committing a good ole fashioned “murder-death-kill.” And three, she needed to get to Brazil so she could watch her best friend marry the man of their dreams.
And when the plane finally touched ground and she was able to cuss THE asshole that her sister abandoned her to be with, the last thing Eshe expected was one of the most panty dropping-make you wanna scream just ‘cause he’s that fine-“I’ll fulfill every dream you ever had and make you realize that you have some more unfulfilled dreams”-alpha male to come to her rescue. Of course once it happened she had no complaints to voice considering that Enéas Roraima had to be the BEST pick up service she’d ever had in her life!
Oh Nikki tell us more! Please, please! (Sigh) I would, I REALLY would but then that’d ruin all the fun of you GETTING THE STORY FOR YOURSELF, now wouldn’t it? SO GO AND GET IT!!! GET IT!!! GET IT!!! GET IT!!! (Yes, I am pumping my fist in the air right now) You could deprive yourself of this hilarious, heartwarming, short that will have you on your side and wondering where you can find a hot Brazilian of your own OR you could get that thought outta your head and go ENJOY!


  1. Grin. So we gather you're going to want to read the next story in the series? Thanks for the awesome review!!!!!!!

  2. I'm now wondering...which is more entertaining? Your review of the book or the review? *grin* well, I just gotta read it now!