Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Foreplay by Marteeka Karland

Ahhhh welcome to the world of eroticism my friends. As we all know Marteeka Karland grips that side we have to keep tamed each and every time she gives us a new tale. Whether it’s solo or in a partnership the heat is brought and in her re-release of Foreplay…well she does not disappoint. Alright, alright. you don’t have to twist my arm to get me to start talking.
How many of us haven’t had that doctor fantasy? Okay now let’s double the dose of doctor in that fantasy. Yeah, intrigued aren’t you? Of course you are. Can anybody tell me what happens when Marteeka takes a pair of identical alpha male physicians and throws in a feisty secretary with a slight OCD problem?
You could if you read the story but I guess you want me to throw around a few hints huh? Okay, Lilly Miller had a penchant for pushing identical twins Connor and Caleb Jackson. Why? Simply because it was a game they played for years. What happens when the Jackson twins decide they’re done playing and want to get serious? Oh, a whole lot of fun that will leave you panting and waiting for your next trip to that extra hot doctor of yours.
So why are you still here? Go forth and get the story!


  1. *blush* wow. who wrote that book? oh! wait! i did. wow, Nikki! thanks SO much for the review!

  2. yeah, you did marteeka now where is the next one in the series...i've already had SEVERAL readers asking/demanding.
    get thee to yon laptop, wench!

  3. besides, the next one is already OUT!!! lord! PEOPLE!!

  4. please teeka, let's not be so formal...jayha is fine...girn