Friday, November 25, 2011

Ronni's Romanian by Nevea Lane

Look at me I'm on a roll today! Second review in....well I didn't really keep track of time considering I'm still stuffing my face. HEY IT'S THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING SO DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Now as I was saying, the next person up on my list of people to rave about happens to be Nevea Lane (or as I like to call her 'Techy' because chick is a tech genius. I'm talking Geek Squad status. Calm down that was a compliment) Now Nevea is known for her...shall we call them escapades? I think we shall since I might end up hearing a story that I don't wanna hear if I call her...escapades anything other than escapades. Anyways back to the subject at hand. Nevea's tales never disappoint and this one didn't either. I think I will deem this a modern day fairytale complete with a Knight In Shining Armor who just happens to come with a sexy Romanian accent and an instant attraction to our heroine Ronni Cadell. When Ronni's business takes a nosedive she has corporate raiders knocking at her door quicker than she can say "Coo coo cachoo" along with the corporate raiders she has a mother that just won't knock off trying to get her married off and knocked up (yeah the word play there is pretty clever eh? I like to toot my own horn from time to time.) In comes Mr. Lucian Covaci, he's tall, dark, handsome and (wait for it, wait for it) Interested in getting a piece of Ronni's business. He has every intention of doing just that until he shows up at her charity event and lays eyes on the beauty. From there he finds himself free falling and unable to stop it. Under the pretenses of taking a tour of her company, something he wins at the charity auction, Lucian goes out of his way just to get closer to Ronni. The question is will Ronni accept the sexy Romanian's advances or rebuff him after finding out what he was originally intrigued by? I wish I could answer that folks but you have to read the story and find out for yourself. I read, I find out and now I'm sitting here trying to figure out exactly what I have to do to get myself a Lucian. Maybe Techy knows some people who know some people (shrug) I shall ask. In the meantime (wait for it, wait for it)  GO GET THE DAMN BOOK.


  1. In the words of Jayha, CO-SIGN!!!

  2. yeah, go get it...thank you cira with the CO-SIGN shout out...and yeah, nevea, we NEED a sequel.