Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tear Jerker #1: Wynter's Blossom by Elle D. Hayes

OMG OMG OMG OMG. I can't even play around with ya'll on this one because DAMN JUST DAMN. I've been waiting MONTHS to get my hands on EDH's first novel in her The Unity Pack series and I gotta say THIS WAS AMAZING! OMG OMG OMG I fell in love with EVERY main character in this book from Pops to little bitty adorable Summer. I had my head BURIED in this story ALL DAMN DAY yesterday people. ALL DAMN DAY. Because I just couldn't stop reading. This story reminds you of why you love ROMANCE. It reminds you of why you love GOOD MEN. It reminds you of why you love BABIES and it damn sure reminds you of why you love that crazy old ornery dude you call GRANDPA. (Yah know that one with no filters and no shame? Yeah that one) This story was just (sigh) It makes you do that throughout every single chapter. Alright enough with my gushing. Time to get down to business. (Yeah I really tried to keep a serious face while saying that) Sarah Ericksson has had a hellish year. After losing her father--a well known enforcer for the werewolf community and beloved friend--Sarah's brutally attacked by a rogue werewolf and left pregnant with just herself and her younger sister Shiloh. Shiloh unlike Sarah--who is fully human-- is half human and half wolf but ALL protective of Sarah and their new addition to the family, baby Summer. Sarah hasn't had a day where she regrets her daughter but her fear for her life, Summer's, and Shiloh's is what prompts Shiloh to take the advice left by their late father and find a strong pack to ask for asylum among them, for safety. Enter Wynter Grey--otherwise known as Wyn or Alpha to the Unity Pack--after checking emails he finds the request and being the man and wolf that he is he's disturbed by the fact that Sarah's been harmed the way she has and that she doesn't feel safe. He admits the sisters and baby Summer without a second thought. The problem? When Wyn and a few of his VERY large and VERY intimidating pack enforcers--wolves with the soul job of taking care of threats to the pack--show up and Sarah's doorstep she's scared as hell. Not long after that Wyn learns that this beautifully created but emotionally damaged woman is his mate and knows he has to tread lightly. He also knows that Shiloh and Sarah both want to find their place among the pack, a pack full of nothing but males by far, so he gives Shiloh the position of the first female enforcer and asks Sarah to be his acting Alphaya under the guise of getting her comfortable as the female leader. Watching the relationship play out between these two tugs at your heart. Wyn's the type of man little girls dream of growing up and marrying in a Cinderella type way. The way he interacts with baby Summer, forming a special bond so Sarah knows that he accepts Summer and wants to love her just as much as he wants to love her Momma has to be one of the BEST parts of the book. Watching Sarah take the confidence back that she had lost, watching her take steps towards venturing out and taking charge in the pack  is something else that tugs at the heart. But watching Wyn love her so hard and so good (No I don't mean the baby making scenes get your head outta the gutter nasty) is what pulls you into the story and makes you pout when it ends. In the midst of these two you have a loveable old wolf Ellis Hargrave, also known as Pops, who enjoys dropping some deep stuff on the younger pups every now and again but is too stubborn to understand that his own mate Neenah BigRiver is right in front of his face. (I still feel pouty about that fact that I won't see his debut until a later date but since its worth the wait I can't complain too much) Then there's Chazske Nakota and his byplay with Neenah's grandaughter Leah that has you hanging on the edge of your seat in anticipation. All I know folks that if you don't LOVE this story, these characters, and Elle's writing style by the time you're done, THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!!!! SO GO GET THE BOOK AND FALL IN LOVE WITH LOVE LIKE I DID!!!!


  1. I loved this story soooo much! It felt like it unfolded right in front of me. And hell those baby making scenes? Ms Elle made me get rid of my hot water bottle! Phew! The heat and the love was beautiful. EDH is indeed the Chief Erotic Officer.

  2. I am beyond thrilled that others have enjoyed reading Wynter's Blossom as much as I enjoyed writing it. Can't wait to give you all more of Unity Pack in 2012.