Thursday, November 10, 2011

At Last by Billy London

Lemme just start off the top by saying I love Billy. She's just damn adorable from that Brit accent (if you listened to blog talk then you know) to that very quirky sense of humor but in case some of ya'll didn't see past that sweet innocence that she wears so well. Yah know the one that screams "I'm goofy and its inevitable that you love me!" (Yeah that one) I need for you to know and understand that under all of that lies a FREAK!!!! (Yeah Billy's gonna get me but I couldn't help myself) Now I shall prove to you why I feel as such. Exhibit A) At Last. Oh people this book--just as all of Billy's stories--had IT. That IT that pulls you in and you CAN'T put the kindle down until the characters are done with YOU. That IT that'll have you searching for another story so you won't feel so empty over the next few days. Yeah THAT IT. Now Billy's storylines (just as all of the ones at BTP) are always tight and very enjoyable to watch unfold. This one was no different. The comedic timing, the moments where you wanna go "awwwwwww" and last but not least it had what Jayha likes to call "THE HOTNESS." By now I'm used to my peoples putting the EROTIC in these novels and doing it well but Billy shocked me ya'll. I've read all her other works from An Old Cake Tale to Put Out The Zombie but I can say that the making scenes were all amazing but not as intense (well at least not to me) as they were in this particular story. Might have something to do with the phone sex scene eh Billy? Oh now that I have your attention with that little tidbit I should tell you a bit about the story now shouldn't I? Well here it goes. Courtney Phillips has been pining away after her friend Chris for a while but what she doesn't realize--until she gets one random email--is that Chris' friend Ryan Klark has taken a notice of her. Their unconventional but very enjoyable to watch relationship starts through daily emails (that had me rolling off the bed) after Ryan decides its a good idea to thank her for a compliment that she didn't even give him directly. Soon after that the pair find themselves unable to go past a few days without talking to one another and it spirals into Skype and phone calls. As this happens the conversations get a bit...shall I say deeper? (Yes, I think deeper is a good word.) Which prompts Ryan into wanting Courtney as way more than just a buddy to listen to or look at across a webcam. Things between the two grow even more when he returns home to take an apprenticeship with a well known photographer and to get closer to Courtney. I shall not say how close but I WILL say that I needed an icepack and a fan on after reading some of those scenes people. All I know is Billy is now on my list of freaky people in the group and that's saying a lot becauase my folks at BTP are no light hitters when it comes to the sex. Anyways when you need to read something funny, sweet, and hell is hot kinda hot, At Last is where you need to look!


  1. Is it wrong for me to say, ITYS (I TOLD YOU SO)? Because seriously, I told you this book was the business.

  2. I am NOT a freak! I'm all vanilla, possibly with some Madagascan vanilla beans to spot it up a bit, but dude, come on look at your wall. I am on the simple end of the menu. Honest guvnor! (Thank you for the review, still not a freak.)

  3. Billy puhleeze!!! You are the captain of the freak team. Great read!