Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once and Again by Dréa Riley

Okay so we all know Nikki's biased when it comes to her Twin. (Yes I admit that) But see I wouldn't be biased if said Twin wasn't so damn good at bringing a story to life. Since I have first hand knowledge from working with her (Look Twin I'm about to plug "Talking Dirty") after our amazing work on our first duo together in our book "Talking Dirty" I know for a fact how much she puts into a story. HER ALL PEOPLE. HER ALL. I watched this work come to life for her and though at times she felt discouraged or that she couldn't get it right I and a few others were there to stick our collective foot in her ass to get her started again. I love my sister. ADORE HER but if a story she wrote sucked I'd tell her. This is soooooo not one of those times. No this time people I'm taking you deep into the mind of Drea Riley (Since I'm here mini I can do that because I know her and whatnot.) Let's get started shall we?
I love my romances. The ones that make you sigh or tear up every so often because they're just that sweet, just that heart warming. Well Drea is damn good at bringing that to the table and she more than brought it with "Once and Again." Trapped in a cosmic romance that literally crosses dimensions the love is so deep between these two, James and Antoinette have been set to repeat their lives and cross paths in many different lands, cultures, and races until their destiny to be together is fulfilled. Now folks I dunno about you but this sounds damn good. They repeat this cycle until finally they end up in present day when Antoinette--now a contractor--is hired by James to work on his old plantation home that he desperately wants renovated. The attraction is instant but delayed because neither likes the acute sense of Deja Vu they get while near the other. Sadly for them the Mississippi heat and a certain cosmic world jumping meddling old friend by the name of Beau won't let them avoid what's transpiring for long. All I have to say folks that if you want a well thought out story executed with the skill of an NY best seller's list type of author than this is the book for you. There are moments in here where Drea takes you into their souls so deep, their memories from previous lives, their underlying love for one another that you'll have to pause a minute and go "Damn that's genius." (Shrug) That's my personal opinion and yes I've admitted to be biased but I'm telling you from experience that I ain't never (Yeah it was serious enough for me to use ain't) had a story take me to the place where I want the type of love that transcends time and place, surpasses cosmic levels and makes me wanna find that special someone very soon. Do yourself a favor. GET THE DAMN


  1. Thank you twin...(what i am not crying, there is no crying in baseball) Thank you

  2. I saw this kid get hit in the head with a fast ball once, He cried like hell (blink) What? I'm just sayin'